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All About Us

At My Cabbage White we believe that to produce a first class standard of laundry and dry cleaning, we need to have the best knowledge, the most up-to-date ground breaking equipment and the time to treat our customers as individually and professionally as possible, and treat their garments with the care and respect they deserve.

Unlike some dry cleaners our team have spent their lives in and around the dry cleaning trade, we never allow a trainee to do a professional's job.

Our machinery and equipment is amongst the most expensive and up-to-date that money can buy, (we have a Sankosha Shirt Press - to our knowledge the only one in the West Midlands) and our chemicals although gentle, together with our ultrasound stain remover (removes stains with sound waves) and experience, produce the finest results. Our dry cleaning machine removes 99% of solvent, leaving no chemical odour.

The Cabbage White Experience

At the counter you will be greeted by an experienced assistant, who will check your garments for any stains or special instructions, the care label will also be checked to see if it is indeed dry-cleanable or wash only.

All items will then be sorted into various categories, darks, lights, whites and wools. At this stage we need to check that you have emptied your pockets, any valuables will be handed back to you on your return.

The next stage is very important, we again check for stains, it is essential to pre-treat any stains before they are dry cleaned; this gives us a better success rate of removal.

An appropriate programme is then chosen on our machine where they are gently dry-cleaned and re-textured. When the machine is finished, garments are individually placed in a steam cabinet where they are re-shaped and the sleeves of jackets and coats are formed.

They are then pressed and hand-finished on our Hoffman Press (this produces the highest standard of pressing without any shine). At this stage every garment is quality checked and only if it reaches our highest standard will it be carefully covered in a polythene robe.

Your items are then ready for collection. Alternatively call us today to arrange a free collection and delivery service from your home or place of work.

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